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Kitchen Renovations

We’ll be with you for the entire renovation

Kitchens are a very important part of a family’s home, it is a focal point and a gathering place for the whole family. When are designer is listening to the customer she is focusing on there Needs & Wants. We really want to capture their dreams of what they have in mind for their new kitchen.

Our Commitment

Over the past 30 yrs, Todd has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft. Having finished everything from some of the most humble of homes to the grandest, he has always treated clients as their homes are their castles. His belief is that the key to a client's satisfaction is always listening and respecting the client to bring their vision to life.
We carefully complete every challanging task!!
  • Project Design
  • Costing Budget
  • Supplies Purchase
  • Permits and Construction

Our Work Strategies

  • 1
    Getting Ready for the Project

    We spend a lot of time with the client going over the project and design specifications for the renovation.

  • 3
    Building what you want how you want it.

    Todd believes the most important thing is to hear and envision what the client wants and to be able to create that vision for them.

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